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Geomembrane Welding

Achieve Flawless Fluid Containment with Advanced Geomembrane Welding

The key to realizing the full potential of geomembranes lies in the welding. Proper seaming connects sheets into an impermeable barrier that contains fluids securely. As a specialist geomembrane welding company, we provide advanced on-site welding using automated equipment to create continuous, strong and impermeable seams.

Importance of Geomembrane Welding

Geomembranes are deployed as adjoining panels which must be interconnected to form an integral liner system. Welding fuses the edges together with bond strength equal to or greater than the parent material. This prevents seepage of fluids through gaps.

Superior welding quality is crucial because:

  • Watertight geomembrane seams are essential for optimal fluid containment
  • Even minor flaws or leaks in seams can render the liner ineffective
  • Poor welding can lead to premature liner failure, fluid loss and contamination

Our advanced welding technologies create durable, flawless seams that provide maximum performance life to geomembrane systems.

Our Welding Expertise

We are equipped to handle welding of all major geomembrane types:

HDPE Welding HDPE sheets are joined using wedge, extrusion or heated tool welding to create strong, continuous seams.

PVC Welding
We use high-frequency dielectric welding to fuse PVC liners into impermeable barriers.

PP and Polypropylene Welding PP geomembranes are welded using wedge, heated tool or extrusion methods.

TPO Welding TPO membranes are seam welded using advanced hot air fusion or chemical welding techniques.

Our experienced welding crews are trained and certified to produce flawless, zero-leakage field seams that meet the highest international standards.

Quality Control Testing

We conduct rigorous welding quality control including:

  • Visual examination for defects
  • Air pressure testing for leakage through seams
  • Vacuum box testing for breaches
  • Non-destructive tests like spark testing
  • Destructive tests like peel and shear tests

All records are maintained for documenting seam strength and integrity. Failed seams are immediately re-welded and re-tested. Our QA/QC ensures the geomembrane barrier performs to its full lifespan.

Why Choose Us?

We are the leading on-site geomembrane welding specialists due to:

  • 25+ years of experience in geosynthetic welding
  • In-house expertise on all major geomembrane types and welding methods
  • Extensive fleet of automated welding equipment
  • Highly trained and certified welding technicians
  • Stringent welding process and quality control procedures
  • Reliable welding even at hard-to-access areas and complex custom shapes
  • Services backed by warranty

For flawless geomembrane welding that stands the test of time, trust our expertise. Contact us to discuss your lining project requirements.

Small Pond Liner

Create Beautiful Small Ponds with Durable, Easy-to-Install Liners

Small ponds up to 500 sqft are prized aesthetic features in gardens and backyard landscapes. Lining them properly is key to containing water securely. As a leading small pond liner manufacturer, we offer easy-to-install liners tailored for smaller water features. Our prefabricated liners simplify installation and provide long-term waterproofing.

What are Small Pond Liners?

Small pond liners are pre-sized barrier sheets designed for quick installation in ponds up to 500 sqft. Made using HDPE, PVC or rubber, these flexible liners come in precut dimensions to minimize field seaming.

Key properties that make our liners ideal for small ponds:

  • Extremely low water permeability for maximum retention
  • High tear and puncture resistance
  • Resistant to weathering, UV and temperature extremes
  • Flexible material easily conforms to the excavated shape
  • Prefabricated to minimize field welding for quick installation
  • Long design life with minimal maintenance

With their ease of installation and durability, small pond liners help you build beautiful, hassle-free water features.

Types of Small Pond Liners

We offer small pond liners in various materials:

HDPE Liners - HDPE or High Density Polyethylene provides strength and barrier performance at an economical price point.

PVC Liners - PVC offers high tear resistance and good UV tolerance. An excellent choice for visual clarity.

EPDM Liners - These rubber liners withstand weathering and provide good flexibility. Ideal for simpleShapes.

KOE Liners - Advanced KOE material combines durability of plastic with flexibility of rubber. Used for discerning koi ponds.

We recommend the ideal liner material based on needs like budget, visual clarity, contours, durability and maintenance needs.

Benefits of Small Pond Liners

Our prefabricated small pond liners offer many advantages:

  • Factory-fabricated panels minimize field welding and reduce installation time/cost
  • Allow small ponds to be built even by non-experts
  • Convenient sizing for ponds up to 500 sqft
  • Resist punctures, tears and damage from rocks/debris
  • Provide long-term waterproofing with minimal maintenance
  • Allow flexibility and creativity in small pond design
  • Simplify renovation of existing ponds
  • Available in different materials to suit needs and budget

Small pond liners make it easy and affordable to build beautiful water features even in small backyards.

Installation of Small Pond Liners

We provide detailed installation guides for flawless deployment:

  • Excavate and prepare the pond area with compaction and grading
  • Place a foam underlay for cushioning and conformity to soil
  • Roll out the liner panels and interconnect overlap sections
  • Secure interconnected liners along the perimeter with weights or backfill
  • Contour liners around protrusions like pipes and lights
  • Cover liner with protective geotextile and backfill

For easy, hassle-free installation of small pond liners, trust our expertise. Contact us with your water feature needs.

HPDE Pond Liner

Rely on Durable HDPE Pond Liners for Superior Water Containment

Lining ponds with HDPE or High Density Polyethylene geomembranes prevents seepage losses and contamination risks. As a leading manufacturer, we offer high performance HDPE pond liners for secure, long-term water retention across applications.

What are HDPE Pond Liners?

HDPE pond liners are engineered containment systems made from HDPE resin using an advanced thermoplastic extrusion process. The process creates uniform, flexible HDPE sheets that can be joined into a continuous liner.

HDPE makes an ideal pond lining material due to benefits like:

  • Extremely low permeability to water
  • High tensile strength and puncture resistance
  • Good chemical and environmental stress crack resistance
  • Thermal stability across temperature variations
  • Cost-effectiveness compared to other liners
  • Easy field seaming to form continuous barriers
  • Long lifespan with proper installation

With their durability, strength and barrier properties, HDPE liners offer optimal value for critical pond containment needs.

Applications of HDPE Pond Liners

Our HDPE liners provide secure containment solutions for:

Irrigation Ponds - Lining of farm reservoirs and ponds prevents seepage losses and optimizes water storage.

Aquaculture - Shrimp farms and hatcheries utilize HDPE liners to prevent escape of water.

Wastewater Treatment - Sewage and industrial wastewater lagoons rely on HDPE to prevent soil and groundwater contamination.

Landfills - Landfill leachate ponds use HDPE liners for preventing groundwater pollution.

Stormwater Retention - Lining of retention basins and recharge ponds with HDPE for optimal water conservation.

Decorative Ponds - Garden ponds, fountains and reflecting pools in hotels, resorts, parks, etc.

HDPE liners provide secure, eco-friendly containment across applications.

Benefits of HDPE Pond Liners

Key advantages of HDPE geomembranes:

  • Virtually zero seepage even for porous subgrade soil
  • Puncture and tear resistant for reliable performance
  • Withstand exposure to elements and harsh weather
  • Resist damage from living organisms like fish
  • Chemically inert for high compatibility
  • Thermally stable across temperature variations
  • Allow flexible pond design and contours
  • Cost-effective and easy installation
  • Provide long-term containment with minimal maintenance

HDPE liner is an optimal balance of performance, durability and value for pond containment.

HDPE Pond Liner Manufacturing

We manufacture HDPE pond liners using state-of-the-art extrusion infrastructure and quality control:

  • Raw HDPE resin is tested before being fed into extruders
  • Advanced process controls during extrusion, cooling and winding
  • Continuous monitoring and adjustment of sheet thickness and dimensions
  • Extensive testing of finished rolls for properties like tensile strength, puncture resistance etc.
  • Careful visual inspection and packaging of flawless liner rolls

Our stringent manufacturing process ensures consistent, defect-free HDPE pond liners.

For high performance, durable HDPE pond liners, trust our expertise and quality commitment. Contact us with your project requirements. 

Large Pond Liner

Engineer Durable Large Pond Liners for Maximum Water Containment

Constructing ponds larger than an acre requires robust liner systems. As leading large pond liner manufacturers, we offer technologically advanced lining solutions tailored for maximum water retention in big ponds. Our high performance large pond liners allow economical, leak-proof construction of ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

What are Large Pond Liners?

Large pond liners are specially fabricated geomembranes designed for water containment in big ponds spanning over an acre. Made from virgin grade HDPE resins, these flexible barriers are custom manufactured in large panels and installed to closely conform to the pond bed.

Key properties that make our liners ideal for oversized ponds:

  • Very low permeability to water for maximum water retention
  • High tensile strength to withstand water pressure in deep ponds
  • Resistance to puncture and tearing from underlying aggregates
  • Chemical compatibility for variable water treatment chemistries
  • Flexibility for installation over undulating soil
  • Thermal stability across extreme temperature variations
  • Resists damage from exposure to elements and UV

With large pond liners, big water bodies can be built reliably for irrigation, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and landscaping needs.

Applications of Large Pond Liners

Our custom large pond liners are ideal for:

  • Irrigation Reservoirs - Lining of ponds and lakes sized over an acre
  • Aquaculture - Shrimp farms, hatcheries and commercial fisheries
  • Wastewater Treatment - Industrial wastewater and sewage lagoons
  • Landfills - Leachate and gas condensate containment ponds
  • Flood Control Systems - Temporary basins sized over an acre
  • Decorative Water Bodies - Big lakes, ponds and fountains

We engineer each large pond liner after considering the specific containment requirements.

Benefits of Using Large Pond Liners

Advanced large pond liners provide multiple advantages:

  • Prevent seepage even in very big ponds spanning acres
  • Allow creation of huge ponds rapidly and economically
  • Withstand the enormous pressures exerted by large volumes of water
  • Provide long-term containment through superior weathering properties
  • Prevent contamination of soil and groundwater
  • Allow flexibility in pond design - shape, contours and depth
  • Simplify construction of large artificial ponds and lakes

Large pond liners enable quick, affordable construction of ponds over an acre for diverse needs.

Large Pond Liner Manufacturing

We use advanced thermoplastic extrusion and custom fabrication technologies to produce high performance large pond liners:

  • Raw HDPE resin is tested before acceptance into production
  • Precisely controlled extrusion process creates uniform barrier sheets
  • Sheets are fabricated into super-sized panels optimized for field installation
  • All finished panels undergo rigorous testing like tensile strength, tear and puncture resistance tests

Our stringent quality control ensures each finished liner meets the highest standards.

For advanced large pond liners tailored to your requirements, trust our engineering expertise. Contact us for your large pond construction or renovation project.

Koe Pond Liner

Create Beautiful Koi Ponds with Advanced KOE Pond Liners

Koi ponds are prized centerpieces of gardens and outdoor spaces across UAE. A key component is the pond liner that holds water securely. As leading koi pond liner manufacturers, we offer durable KOE liners tailored for discerning koi pond owners. Our advanced liners allow you to construct ecologically balanced ponds that thrive for years.

What are KOE Pond Liners?

KOE or Kemplastic Olefin Elastomer liners are made using an advanced thermoplastic material designed specifically for koi ponds and high-end water features. KOE combines the durability and chemical resistance of plastics with the flexibility, weatherability and ease of sealing of rubber liners.

Key properties that make KOE ideal for koi ponds:

  • Extremely low water permeability for maximum water retention
  • High strength and puncture resistance
  • Excellent resistance to koi pond treatments - salts, chemicals, pH variations
  • Withstands exposure to elements without degradation
  • Flexibility for easy installation and conformation to surfaces
  • Good frictional coefficient for stability on slopes
  • Ability to weld seams into continuous barriers

KOE liners allow robust construction of elaborate ponds tailored to precious kois' needs.

Benefits of KOE Pond Liners

KOE liners provide many advantages for discerning koi pond owners:

  • Prevent water loss through seepage and evaporation
  • Resist damage from fish and maintenance activities
  • Retain properties when exposed to koi pond water treatments
  • Long service life saves on maintenance and renovation costs
  • Allow flexibility and creativity in pond design
  • Simplify installation with easy welding of seams
  • Provide good algae resistance and visibility into pond water

KOE is the smart choice for lining prized koi ponds across UAE.

KOE Liner Manufacturing Process

  • Advanced thermoplastic elastomer resins are blended with custom additives
  • Rolls are produced under stringent process controls for uniform sheets
  • Calendering and annealing impart strength, elasticity and temperature stability
  • Each production roll undergoes over 50 quality control tests
  • Rolls are inspected and packaged to prevent damage during storage and transport

Our state-of-the-art production technology and rigorous testing ensures clients get high-performing, consistent KOE liners.

Installation of KOE Liners

Our experienced crews handle complete liner deployment:

  • Site is prepared by excavation, grading, leveling and compacting the soil
  • Custom panels are fabricated, transported and laid out
  • Adjoining panels are seam welded into continuous liners
  • All seams are tested using non-destructive methods
  • Liners are contoured around penetrations like pipes and lights
  • Top anchoring in trenches and perimeter anchoring provides stability
  • Cushion geotextile and backfilling protects the installed liner

We follow stringent protocols and international codes to install KOE pond liners for maximum functionality and longevity.

For advanced KOE pond liners to fulfill your discerning needs, trust our expertise. Contact us for pond construction or renovation projects.

Geomembrane, Pond Liner, HDPE Liner, Lake Liner Installation

Complete Geomembrane and Liner Solutions Across UAE

With rapid infrastructure growth and focus on environmental protection, demand for advanced containment solutions has increased across the UAE. As leading geomembrane and liner manufacturers, we offer a comprehensive range of lining systems combined with complete installation services across the Emirates.

Our Products and Capabilities

We supply high performance geomembranes and liners to provide engineered fluid containment solutions:

HDPE Geomembranes Our HDPE liners made from virgin grade resin offer maximum barrier performance. Available in a range of thicknesses from 0.75mm to 3mm. Suitable for applications like landfills, mining, wastewater treatment, etc.

LLDPE Geomembranes LLDPE variants provide excellent chemical resistance. Used in exposed installations due to good weathering properties.

PVC Geomembranes PVC liners offer high strength and tear resistance combined with chemical compatibility. Used for ponds, reservoirs, tunnels, etc.

PP Geomembranes
PP liners withstand high temperatures. Used for mining, chemical containment, landfills, etc.

EPDM Liners EPDM rubber liners provide exceptional durability and weathering resistance. Used for exposed water containment applications.

Pond Liners Our PE, PVC and EPDM pond liners provide advanced seepage control. Used for irrigation ponds, stormwater ponds, garden ponds and more.

Lake Liners Large HDPE barrier sheets custom fabricated for water containment in artificial lakes and reservoirs.

We offer end-to-end geomembrane and liner solutions across UAE based on unique project requirements.

Our Installation Expertise

We undertake complete liner deployment from transportation and site preparation to installation, testing and protection.

Site Survey - Our engineers survey the site and develop comprehensive deployment plans.

Transportation and Handling - Liner rolls are carefully loaded, transported and offloaded using heavy machinery.

Site Preparation - Subgrade is graded, compacted and leveled to receive the liner.

Deployment and Seaming - Liner sheets are deployed, aligned, seamed using automatic welders and tested for water-tightness.

Penetrations and Terminations - Liners are neatly contoured and sealed around protrusions and terminated in anchor trenches.

Protection - Installed liners are covered with sand, geotextile or other materials for protection.

Our experienced crews ensure international quality standards for maximum liner performance and life.

Projects Across UAE

We have successfully executed geomembrane and liner installations for thousands of projects across UAE including:

Dubai - Burj Khalifa pond liner, Palm Jumeirah lake capping, Dubai Hills estate lake, IMG Worlds of Adventure lake liner

Abu Dhabi - Al Wathba wetland liners, Jubail Island lake liner, Louvre Abu Dhabi fountain liner

Sharjah - Al Montazah Parks lake lining, Sharjah Safari pond liners

Ras Al Khaimah - Al Hamra Palace pond lining, Jais Adventure Peak liners

Ajman - Ajman Saray luxury resort pond liners

Fujairah - Fujairah Rotana Resort pond lining

Our in-depth UAE experience spans all Emirates. We deliver successful containment solutions on-time and within budget.

For advanced fluid barrier systems and professional installation services, trust our expertise. Contact us with your project requirements.

Lake Liner Suppliers In Dubai

Optimize Water Conservation with Technologically Advanced Lake Liners

Creating an artificial lake, pond or reservoir in Dubai's arid environment requires advanced lining systems. As leading lake liner suppliers in Dubai, we offer high-performance geomembrane liners tailored to unique needs of large water bodies. Our lake liners allow economical, ecologically-balanced water storage and conservation.

What are Lake Liners?

Lake liners are specially engineered HDPE geomembranes designed for water containment in large artificial lakes and reservoirs. Made from high-density polyethylene, these flexible barrier sheets are custom fabricated and installed to closely conform to the lake bed and banks.

Lake liners provide maximum seepage control thanks to properties like:

  • Extremely low permeability to water
  • High strength and puncture resistance
  • Resistance against weathering and UV degradation
  • Chemical compatibility with variable water chemistry
  • Flexibility for installation on undulating surfaces
  • Thermal stability across temperature variations

With lake liners, large water bodies can be created reliably and cost-effectively for recreation, irrigation, water storage and ecological conservation.

Applications of Lake Liners

Our advanced lake lining solutions cater to:

  • Irrigation Storage Reservoirs - Lining of lakes and ponds to store water for agricultural use
  • Landscaping - Artificial lakes for gardens, resorts, golf course water hazards
  • Stormwater Storage - Lining of retention and detention ponds, recharge basins
  • Aquaculture - Lining of shrimp and fish farming ponds
  • Water Parks - Wave pools, lazy rivers and water rides
  • Flood Control Systems - Temporary storage reservoirs and basins
  • Fire Reservoirs - Dedicated water storage for firefighting needs

We offer customizable lake liner design and installation for new lake construction as well as renovation of existing water bodies.

Benefits of Lake Liners

Advanced lake liners provide multiple advantages:

  • Prevent seepage losses even in porous subgrade soil
  • Allow creation of lakes in areas lacking natural water bodies
  • Reduce water loss through seepage and evaporation
  • Prevent contamination of groundwater resources
  • Withstand exposure to elements and last for decades
  • Allow flexibility in lake design - size, shape, depth
  • Simplify and speed up lake construction
  • Economical way to build artificial lakes

By preventing fluid escape, lake liners enable optimized water usage - especially valuable in Dubai's water-scarce environment.

Lake Liner Manufacturing

We use state-of-the-art thermoplastic extrusion technologies to produce high performance lake liners:

  • Raw HDPE resin is tested before acceptance
  • Advanced process controls during extrusion
  • Precisely controlled calendaring and annealing
  • Continuous monitoring and testing during production
  • Finished rolls are tested for properties like thickness, tensile strength, tear resistance, seam strength etc.

Our stringent quality control ensures every liner roll meets the highest standards.

Lake Liner Installation

As full-service providers, we offer complete liner deployment:

  • Site preparation by excavation, grading, leveling and compaction
  • Fabrication of custom liner panels for the lake
  • Field seaming of panels using automatic fusion welders
  • Testing of all field seams using destructive and non-destructive methods
  • Contouring and sealing around protrusions and terminations
  • Anchoring in trenches along the periphery
  • Covering with geotextile cushion and backfilling

Our experienced crews ensure quick, hassle-free installation per international codes and specifications.

For advanced lake liners and professional installation, trust our expertise. Contact us for your artificial lake project. 

Geomembrane Welding

Achieve Flawless Fluid Containment with Advanced Geomembrane Welding The key to realizing the full potential of geomembranes lies in the wel...